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You'll LOVE the rich QUALITY

Just as the best flowers and fruit come from the highest quality plants, grown in healthy soil, we know that high quality ingredients are vital to making high quality products. 

We use only the finest organic oils, butters and pure essential oils. All our products are vegan and cruelty free and contain no parabens & phthalates.


Just like gardening, our process is high-touch and hands-on.  Every product is handmade by a small team who care deeply about what they do and pay close attention to every detail.


We define our community as every person our products touch...from Mother Earth to you and everyone in between.  We constantly ask ourselves, what is best for our customers while simultaneously asking what is best for the planet. 1% of the proceeds from all products sold is DONATED TO LOCAL & GLOBAL CHARITIES who work tirelessly to preserve and improve our environment.

A Word From Our Founder

I set out to create luxuriously simple everyday bath and body essentials that keep your skin healthy and hydrated, and last a long time on the skin and in the bottle. All one needs for perfectly hydrated skin is soap, body and hand cream, and body and bath oil. So simple, so luxurious...

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Luxuriously Moisturizing

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I just noticed today that the cream I put on after my shower last night was still very much there today. I've had very dry skin my whole life and have NEVER found a cream that was still moisturizing my skin 24 hours later. I love it so much! You have me as a customer for life!

Susan D

I suffer from very dry skin. Your body and hand cream is the best I have ever used – creamy and long lasting, but not oily. The body scrub bar is great for those of us who use sunscreen daily and want to wash it off at the end of the day. It’s effective without the harshness of other products.

Steven F