Small Batch Process

Every Order Begins With The Alchemy of Plants

As a small batch body & bath company based in Northern California Wine Country, there are no assembly lines, automated machinery, or dozens of people mixing, pouring and packaging our products.  Our small staff create products one batch at a time, which puts us close to each and every cream, oil, soap and scrub that leaves our small production facility...just for you.

Every order begins with the alchemy of plants, including those that thrive in our Mediterranean climate like Almond, Olive and Grapefruit trees, Grape Vines, Lavender and Calendula shrubs, as well as Jojoba, a plant native to southern Arizona, southeastern California, and northwestern Mexico. 

We source our ingredients from trustworthy suppliers, buying organic and as local as possible, to ensure that each and every customer order is of the best quality with the freshest ingredients. 

Because we are the mixologists and are intimate with how every product is created, we are available to answer questions, make recommendations, and give advice on using our body & bath care essentials.  Just contact us below and we'll get the conversation started.  

Our hero ingredients have been developed by nature, tested throughout time, and carefully blended to promote beautifully hydrated skin.